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Bravo! We are so incredibly pleased with the recovery of our (impossible to replace) data! Recovered (from a non-booting, clicking drive) were both personal files, art and photographs as well as decades worth of professional artwork done for the movie studios I've worked for (Pixar, DreamWorks, Disney, IMD). Service is always top notch at a good rate. I highly recommend!  ~ Armand Baltazar, Senior Designer Pixar Animation Studios

MacAdvantage is an anomaly in this age of corporate greed and outsourcing. A local company whose prime directive seems to be great service in a friendly and timely fashion at extremely reasonable rates, I would not hesitate to recommend them. ~ Jack Haye, Industrial Light & Magic; Burning Man

The MacAdvantage . . . our mac genius! ~ Casandra Silverek, Medtronic, Inc.

MacAdvantage . . . Zen & the Art of Macintosh Maintenance. ~Elaine Olson, Production Lead, Marketing, Medtronic, Inc.

In the middle of a photo shoot, I encountered a show stopping issue with my Mac. MacAdvantage was able to troubleshoot over the phone and have me up and running in time to meet my deadline! This type of service is invaluable, The MacAdvantage is a great resource. ~ Heather Balston, Photographer, Agilent Technologies, Inc., Santa Rosa, CA

Having been a Mac user since The Beginning, I have always appreciated that special group that is the Mac Community. The MacAdvantage, and the service that Tam and his crew provide, just reminds me why I love Macs. The business is always a pleasure to visit, and the service and training is always 360 degrees and personal. It is a privilege to have this service, and I will continue to do business with The MacAdvantage from wherever in the world I live. ~ Michael Meyer, Senior Technical Writer, Cisco Systems

MacAdvantage has earned our trust through expert knowledge, work ethic & integrity - refreshing calm amidst a crisis. ~ Jeanette Wetenkamp, Production Director, Friedman's Home Improvement

It's a rare pleasure to deal with someone so utterly competent at what they do. ~ Beverly Kavanaugh, Cinnabar School

Worth their weight in RAM! ~ L.L, Network/Badge Critic, Insider Expert

Without hesitation, I recommend Tam of MacAdvantage as an individual of character & integrity ~ Walter Robb, Co-CEO & Director, Whole Foods Market

You are individually & corporately very special people, who continually demonstrate your devotion to serving your clients, and your genuine respect for them. ~ Lee Williamson, The Video Lab

Fantastic! MacAdvantage goes above & beyond. Exceptional service. A company worth celebrating. Rarely do I plug a company on air unless they're truly exceptional. A great Sonoma County company. ~ Marcy Smothers, KSRO Radio 1350 (The Marcy Smothers Show, KSRO Radio 1350, July 2005)

Wonderful. Just Perfect! ~ Jack McCurdy, Freelance Writer

They have revived the notion of customer service in a world where that concept is all but lost. Great one on one computer training too. ~ Mike Chase, Mike Chase Photo

You can bet I will keep sending people your way . . . I feel so lucky to have found you! ~ Karen Hanke, Pinklime Design

I can’t thank you enough for the consistent and professional computer problem solving you have provided for my company over the past five years. We are a small company with one computer and we get treated like we are your biggest account. We couldn’t run this business without you. Thank you Tam and Laurelai so very much ~ Nancy B. Bosch, ISA, AM, Fine Art and Antique Appraiser, Bosch Appraisal and Estate Services

This is a perfect time to thank you for always being there for me and for your kindness and patience. ~ Sandra Markoff, Alexandra Arabians

After a month of our having dealt with AT&T and Belkin to no avail, you quickly solved the problem! ~ JoAnn Drummond, Former Owner, Word Productions, Kansas City, MO

I don’t do Mac hardware repair or training, but I know a VERY reputable company in Rohnert Park called The MacAdvantage that does. ~ Zach Meisel, PC Tech, The Wooden Spoon

I want you to know how much I respect your honesty. You could have easily charged me for data retrieval and no one would have known. My mac is running better now than when it was new. ~ Ted Lindquist, Police Detective, Ret. Petaluma, CA

You have a gem in Tam. I recommend him without hesitation. ~ Warren Jennings, Laser Excel West, Santa Rosa, CA

Just knowing you’re here is golden ~ Dr. Brien & Mrs. Anne Seeley

I wouldn’t use any other tech for our macs! ~ Deb Rourke, North Coast Builders Exchange

We trust them completely. They should be the standard for all computer techs! ~ Barbara Iannoli & Carolina Claire, North Light Books, Cotati, CA

Laurelai . . . so kind & patient. More people like you would be a great start to a beautiful world. ~ Tracy Rose, Tracy Rose Drums, Petaluma, CA

One service with you & it’s better than it ever has been! Many other techs over three years of trying never got it this good. ~ George Moskoff, Musician, Community Building, Sebastopol, CA

Who knew computer problems could be so enjoyable? Tam takes the worry out of computer glitches - gets everything running the way it should all the while making it feel so easy with his pleasant, calm manner. ~ Sarah Kelley, Product Development, Big Accessories, Petaluma, CA

Until we came to The MacAdvantage, we had never met anyone who could speak computer language so we could understand . . . I’m very thankful we found this company and had such competent people helping us. Great Apple computer training. Thank you, Thi! ~ Chris Dick, Graton, CA

Tam rocks! He has always helped us in our moment of computer insanity. ~ Vivien Hillgrove, Film Editor, Mom’s Head Gardens, Santa Rosa, CA

My experience with The MacAdvantage is wonderful. Great customer service . . . They say what they’ll do and do what they say. ~ Ann Joergenson, Teacher & Peace Promoter, Santa Rosa, CA

Friendly, honest & professional. ~ Nicky Boyette, OADS

MacAdvantage has the utmost know-how to do the job right, the first time, and every time! ~ Thelma Freeman, Freeman Design and Consulting, Napa, CA

WOW! Thank you! The card is working fine. The memory is just right! Thanks again! ~ Nels Worden, SSU-Chemistry, Rohnert Park, CA

At this point in life, in addition to quality service, I seek to patronize companies & people who are kind in nature. Thanks for both. ~ Paul Lamb, Recording Engineer, Forestville, CA

Because my hard drive crashed I had to seek a company that could do quality data retrieval efficiently & quickly. The MacAdvantage met all my expectations . . . I’d recommend them to anyone. ~ Bob Scorby, Educational Author, Santa Rosa, CA

Great service under fire. They went the extra mile to save two drives full of (original) music! If disaster strikes, I know where to turn! ~ Jonathan Chi, Musician, Mickey Hart’s In the Pocket Studios

I love the MacAdvantage, Laurelai & Tam are wonderful people who respond sincerely & quickly when their help is needed. Tam has been fixing our problems for 10 or 12 years now. (yikes is this correct?) He has watched our kids grow up and us become more competent. He is gracious and kind . . . I cannot praise them enough. I don’t look forward to problems with my computer, but I am always so happy to talk to them and it always gets fixed. Thank you. ~ Susan Shaw & Tom Crane, M. D., Sebastopol, CA

Everything is working well. Tam was great. Very knowledgeable & efficient. Thanks for the great service. ~ Pat Silveri, Air Project Manager, Enterprise Events Group, Petaluma, CA

Experiencing a last-minute laptop emergency just before leaving the country for 3 1/2 months, I was thrilled to discover the folks at MacAdvantage. Brandon diagnosed my bad hard drive, saved & transferred all my data & installed to a new drive. Within hours of drop off I was “good to go.” THANK YOU! ~ Laura Downing-Lee, Instructor, Theatre Arts, Santa Rosa Junior College

Tam & Brandon, I just wanted to thank you for fixing my Mac. It’s now purring! ~ Susan Bailyn, Bailyn Graphics

When my 500GB hard drive crashed on my iMac, another local Apple Repair Store said there shouldn’t be a problem getting the data. After over a week without my computer and a game of phone tag, they had been unable to recover anything and referred me to a data recovery company which estimated $2500-$3500 and two weeks’ turnaround time to get my data. Instead, I took my iMac to Tam at the MacAdvantage, who recovered ALL my data the same day, at a fraction of the cost. The MacAdvantage was fast, professional, and efficient. ~ Tyler Kuhlman, TV50, Santa Rosa

MacAdvantage is my security blanket. Knowing they are there gives me enormous confidence ~ Toby Cowan, Performance Design Group

Before I found MacAdvantage, I was ready to throw my Apple Computer in a ditch! Tam is marvelous. He saved my sanity. My computer had worked inconsistently for four years. In fifteen seconds Tam knew exactly what was wrong! He got Apple to extend the warranty & repair my computer at no cost to me! Have anyone call me as a reference. Tam is at the very top of the heap! Rachel is a darling too. ~ Valerie Ingram, Ingram Ranch

Just wanted to let you know that the pictures you found were the right ones. Your depth of knowledge in this area is impressive. Thank you for your help. ~ Jan VarnBuhler, Teacher, Santa Rosa

We are constantly amazed at not only how active these two are in the sustainability movement (they bought a tandem bike after they met us!) but how extremely supportive and giving they are to our project. They most recently have been saving the data from our crashed Mac so we can continue making media updates. ~ Mandy & Ryan, Within Reach Movie

You guys are so cool. I know it was a pain for you with two different visits and all the phone time, but I will keep coming back for the cheerful service! Thank you everyone! ~ Susan Jane Ankeny, Santa Rosa

You guys are worth every cent! ~ Christine Aslin, Letter Carrier, USPS

I’m so grateful I don’t even know where to begin. Thank you for your expertise in recovering our Filemaker database! ~ Marie Gewirtz, Marie Gewirtz Public Relations & Marketing

Thanks Laurelai! MacAdvantage: truly worth it’s weight in gold. I owe you a bottle of wine! ~ Bruce Gradek, Grapevine Sales, American Nursery

I’m thrilled to have found you - I’m recommending you to all my Mac buddies, and I’ll be back myself. ~ Helen E. Wilbur, Ph.D., Medical Psychology

Thank you very much for all Tam’s fine work on our computer and printer. Your very high level of service is most appreciated ~ Louee Newton, Retired Teacher & Bill Newton, Retired Business Manager

It’s so nice to come to a place where you know you’ll be taken care of and I know I can trust the integrity of the work and the staff. ~ RJ Kamprath, Animal Advocacy Sonoma County & Acquisitions, Woodmont Capital Group, Retired

Wonderful. Just Perfect! ~ Jack McCurdy, Freelance Writer, Petaluma, CA

You’ve made it a VERY nice day! One stop shopping. This is great. Thank you. Thank you! ~ Rachel Casey, Poplar Hill Olive Oil Company

Thank you for all of your help in retrieving my data. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am. ~ Juliet Pokorny, Development Director, Cinnabar Theater

Tam and Brandon are both “ROCKSTARS". Tam was so patient with me on the phone. Brandon just slips in and does his job no fuss no muss. We are truly grateful to have you just a phone call away. ~ Carrie Battin, Natural Remedy Store Mgr., Hill Park Medical Center

Please thank Tam again for helping me out with the database emergency. I know he had other appts and that he squeezed us in. The good news is that now I’ll know what to do for next time so I won’t be quite as panicked! ~ Shannon Lemme, Project Manager / Designer, Pomegranate Communications, Inc.

I really appreciated that you were able to help me with my hard drive issue so quickly; same day I called! I am happy to recommend you to friends and clients - and already have. ~ Julie Finn, Nationally Certified Massage Therapist

Brandon & Tam are worth their weight in gold!  I am SO thankful to have MacAdvantage as my computer resource.  Laurelai is quick to respond when I call or email, and I totally appreciate that as well.  Check in is quick, my needs are written and understood in detail, and everything is taken care of much quicker than anticipated.  I'm always impressed.  There is a friendliness and calmness about the people and place of business that I love.  This is the best computer help I've ever received, and I recommend MacAdvantage to every Mac user I know! ~ Shoshana Bennett, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Media Consultant and Keynote Speaker

You guys have always been there when we needed you.  Cannot tell you how much that means to us.  Wouldn't go anywhere else for advice. ~ Bob Nugent, Artist

The experience is always great. I love Tam. He and the team do a great job. I would send anyone with a mac to you. I would tell anyone they should get a Mac so that they can work with MacAdvantage! ~ Randall Frederick, Filmmaker, Moving Images Production Company

There are not enough superlatives to describe how satisfied I have been with my experiences with MacAdvantage.  I have had two occasions to use your service and have been totally satisfied both times. There is nothing I can suggest to enhance my experience with you except to tell you not to change anything. Thanks again for your fine service. ~ Captain Gary Davis, Pilot

My call was answered promptly and after a brief description of the problem Tam told me how it could be solved and what it would cost.  I delivered my iMac to Tam and he made a commitment to have it fixed by the next day.  Later that same afternoon he called to inform me the computer was fixed and ready to go.  I received outstanding service from initial contact to product pickup.  I really appreciate MacAdvantage. ~ Jere Jacobs

The only thing that could enhance my experience would be if I could pick Tam's brain for an hour each time I am there. ~ Blair Hardman, Blair Hardman Productions; Zone Recording

Thanks for everything! We adore working with you. Cheers ~ Liz & Rich, Pembroke Studio, Healdsburg, CA

The Apple store confirmed your diagnosis - and as you anticipated, ordered a new board under warranty. Thank you again for your help. Should I ever need work with any of my Apple products you'll be the first to know. ~ Marco DiGiulio, Marcowine, LLC

Coming to MacAdvantage is like coming to Hogwarts . . . its all magic & beauty . . . they can fix anything. ~ Marti Spiegelman, Shaman at Large

Coming in to get my iBook serviced at MacAdvantage was the most fun I had all week! I can unequivocally recommend Tam as the very best...brilliant actually, and fair, polite and professional.  ~ Jeri Nager, Artist

I just wanted to thank you, Tam, for your transforming my computer life - I love the laptop - and the desktop is running soooo much better. Thanks so much - you're a great guy! Cheers. ~ Dennis Moss, Moss Communications

My Macbook Pro was acting erratically, I took it to the Mac Store and they couldn’t identify the problem or fix it. I then asked Tam to work on it. Tam found the mother board was defective, he promptly replaced it and got it working as good as new. Now that I live in Hawaii it’s wonderful that he can work on my computer remotely. Tam’s team is A+ #1 tops. ~ Dave Klein, Vibrant Health & Wealth

Tam, Thanks again for your expertise in quickly solving my power problem yesterday. My friend Terry and I are Mac enthusiasts and will spread the word of your expertise. ~ Michael Atchison, Rohnert Park, CA

Your quickness to respond & honesty stood out. I felt confident your goal was to solve the problem in the most economical way possible! ~ Bruce Riezenman, Chef, Park Avenue Catering and Great Parings; Author of Pair it! Food & Wine Pairing iPhone & Droid App

I appreciate your expertise! I shall pass the word. MacAdvantage rules! ~ Lanny Cotler, Filmmaker, Writer, Teacher

You guys are FANTASTIC! Nothing was wrong with my daughter’s computer, but I really found Tam's help excellent and he was wonderful to work with. With customer service like that, you can be sure that MacAdvantage will be my first call for all our computer needs. ~ Don Pasewark, Pasewark Creative, Art Direction, Design, Creative Management

The sweet and sensible person who answered my phone was so helpful and patient; more like a psychotherapist and a good thing too as she has to talk to so many distraught people, at a loss when their computers stop working.   You are the BEST and no, don’t change a thing. ~ J.J. Wilson, Professor of English, ret., Sonoma State University

I so appreciate your service. It is great to get answers so quickly & have you so nearby. I will recommend you!! ~ Dr Kelly Estrada Professor, Sonoma State University

MacAdvantage is a Genius Bar here in our own back yard: an excellent business marked by talent, graciousness and effective service. ~ Michael ‘Mac’ McCaffry Educator, Sonoma State University

Tam is the way people ought to be, but rarely are - calm, focused, available, and patient - more Buddhist priest than Tech. I don't take excellence for granted. I was once a quality assurance manager.  Tam is exceptional. Blown away!  ~ Gary Tharler, Massage Therapist, The Massage Guy Company

Thank you so much, I am sending all of my friends with Macs to you guys! I almost want to go down to the other Apple reapair store and tell them that the repair did not cost me $700 like they quoted, but $267 at MacAdvantage! ~ Vanessa Yakobovich, Kahula & Caramel Maker

I have to share the love - Tam at MacAdvantage just recovered all of my lost emails. I will not have to quit my job and move to a deserted island :-) Yeah Yeah Yeah - thinking it really is wine time! ~ Beth Costa, Russian River Wine Road

I know there are plenty of techs closer by, but it isn’t easy finding a tech you really enjoy working with. I fell in love with Tam the first time he came out. ~ Pam Hunter, Studio 707, Napa CA

Your service on my computer this time was wonderful, just like the previous times I've needed the MacAdvantage.  I will always call on your Team. I have NO concerns only positives from start to finish. ~ Michael Cox, Colagrossi Wine

You guys are always a pleasure to deal with. Brandon and Tam both seem to care about my experience. The turnaround was great, and had been clearly spelled out ahead of time. The check-in was painless and efficient. You are the best around. ~ Rodney Strong, Hospitality Director, Rodney Strong Vineyards

As always, we love dealing with all of you and that is why we go so far to your operation, when there are others closer to us!  Thanks for being so great at what you do! ~ Jennifer Lynn Bice, Owner Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery, Sebastopol CA

We love Mac Advantage! You all are always so helpful. Thank you so much. ~ Michelle Marie, Chef, Michelle Marie’s Patisserie

Your quickness to respond & your honesty stood out. I felt confident your goal was to solve the problem in the most economical way possible! ~ Bruce Riezenman, Chef, Park Avenue Catering and Great Parings; Author of Pair it! Food & Wine Pairing iPhone App

It just doesn't get any better than the MacAdvantage. Expert knowledge, meticulous service & generosity, every time!  ~ Andrew van Ginkel, Manager, Rick & Ann's Restaurant, Berkeley

Thank you again for your help! As you anticipated, Apple confirmed your diagnosis and is repairing at no charge to me. Should I ever need work with any of my Apple products you'll be the first to know. ~ Marco DiGiulio, Marcowine, LLC

THANK YOU for the wonderful job you did on my Mac. Not only were your prices great, service perfect and timing fast.... you also worked with me and my schedule so it was very convenient for me as well....  Wow! After having Macs since 1985, this was my first service experience that was easy and worry free. ~ Dianne Seghesio, Forestville, CA

As always, everyone at the MacAdvantage is extraordinarily polite, helpful and efficient.  You always seem to make life easier during the inconvenience of a computer issue. We always appreciate all of your help with our computer needs. ~ Bob Nugent, Artist and Wine Labels, Nugent & Company

I have been consistently pleased, satisfied, thrilled, and awed at their performance, knowledge, and integrity. I would recommend the Mac Advantage for all of your Macintosh needs—no other repair service in the Bay Area even comes close! ~ Jim O’Hara, Tutoring Director, Academy of Art University

I was so amazed that one, you were able to serve my immediate and critical need of getting my Mac Book Pro back on track after a bizarre hard drive crash. Tam, your listening skills and ability to problem solve with such clarity was much appreciated, as was your honest delivery of news associated with cost. I very much value the timely and most respectfully professional nature of our interactions. Should I experience future Mac problems that I’m unable to work through myself, I will turn first to you folks. Same goes with anyone I know looking for such expertise. ~ Thomas Nelson, Professor- Supervise Doctoral Research, University of the Pacific 

My experience with the MacAdvantage is wonderful. Great customer service.....They say what they do and do what they say. ~ Ann Joergenson, Art Teacher, Ret.

Thanks again for all your patience and help on A Patchwork of Lives. Ill send you and Laurelai an invitation to the reading. ~ Karen Benke, Poet/Teacher/Writing Guide

I’m a frequent flyer with The MacAdvantage. ~ Brian Wilkinson, Clown & Art Teacher, Youth Studio Sonoma/Imagine Bus Project

THANK YOU for a job well done, it works great... Also a couple of things...I’ve recommended a friend who will be calling you soon...I told her that you would have the best deal and we already know about your great service! ~ Wayne Levie, Sonoma County Office of Education

We now have substantial history with MacAdvantage, and want to assure you that the help we receive is the reason we don't look elsewhere for help. Tam and Brandon always have good ideas for solving our glitches, which may occur more frequently for me than for others, because I have a hand tremor that occasionally creates odd actions on the keyboard. Their availability is quick to immediate, and they are very patient. ~  Joanne & Arthur Blum, Project Seed, Berkeley, CA

Laurelai was very helpful on the phone. I can tell she is a very special person. ~ Nadya Bratt, Educator, Sebastopol, CA

You are an invaluable asset to all MacHeads out here. ~ John Vogt, AP Biology, Rancho Cotati High School, Rohnert Park

It’s so much nicer doing business here than at other Mac shops. ~ Violet Carrera, SRJC Tutor, Cotati, CA

I so appreciate your service. It is great to get answers so quickly & have you so nearby. I will recommend you!! ~ Dr. Kelly Estrada, Professor, Sonoma State University

I would just like to take a moment to say how appreciative I am of the truly incredible customer service I received from Tam earlier this morning. You have saved me countless hours of time and effort and definitely brightened my day and lifted my spirits. I applaud The Mac Advantage and praise the customer service which truly has gone above and beyond what I’ve seen anywhere else. God bless ~ Phoenix Eyre, Intercultural Communications, Pepperdine University

Thanks for all your help today. ~ Julia Macdonald, Teacher, SRJC

I appreciate your expertise! I shall pass the word. Mac Advantage rules! ~ Lanny Cotler, Filmmaker, Writer, Teacher

Friendly, honest, & professional. ~ Nicky Boyette, OADS

I joined Yelp just to write a review about The Mac Advantage - so that should tell you something right there. I live in the East Bay (about an hour from the Mac Advantage), but after seeing the reviews I knew it would be worth the trip! I was not disappointed. Rachel and Brandon were very professional, prompt and friendly. They always called me back within 24 hours with any updates and completed the work very quickly. The environment was so welcoming that you felt like you were having your techy friend check out your computer. They saved my MacBook. Horror of horrors happened when some red wine spilled on the keyboard one night. Yikes! I saw my life flashing before my eyes - my MacBook - my life! Anyway, they were able to fix it up in even less time and for less money than they originally thought. I only trust my MacBook to the best - The MacAdvantage. ~ Andrea Wilson, Art Instructor

Tam drew out a beautiful diagram for me & everything worked perfectly. ~ Ellie Held, School Nurse/Teacher

At this point in life, besides quality service - I seek to patronize companies & people who are kind in nature. Thanks for both. ~ Paul & Stephen Lamb, Athletic Teacher, retired

I’m going to spread the word about you! I’m very happy with your service. ~ Ingrid & Patrick Kelly, PhD, Chairperson Department of Physical Science, College of Marin

Everyone was courteous. Helpful & professional, All great, especially the turnaround time - thank you very much. 11 on a 1-10 scale. ~ Dorisse Neale, BreathDance

I have been taking my Macs to MacAdvantage since (they opened a Sonoma County location in) the early 90's. I have always been completely satisfied with their service. They are capable, sincere, and really care about their customers. I recommend them unreservedly. I'm grateful that they are there to help me with my computer problems, and to educate me when I have no idea what's going on! They are real life-savers. ~ Beverly Riverwood, The Education Coach

Wham, bam, thank you Tam! ~ Lawrence Maykel, Retired Teacher, Archaeologist

I truly admire the atmosphere of calm and ordered professionalism at MacAdvantage, and I will recommend you without reservation. ~ Elizabeth Fuller, Independent Eye

I consider you a miracle worker. ~ Bill Carlson, Teacher Environmental

I have ONLY good things to say about any MacAdvantage experience I have had. Marissa found my computer info in the system when I phoned because the information was already there, Tam knew which part was likely needed and could look to see if he had one in stock. I want to thank Marissa and especially Tam for turning a potential disaster for me into something very different indeed. ~ Mara Ribbin, R.N. Herbalist Student, Energy Healing

Your service is fabulous and the turnaround always as promised. I had MacAdvantage install Office on my Macbook Pro. ~ Jerry Stemach, Start to Finish

Thanks again for all your help on Saturday morning! I'm letting all the schools in our district know about you! ~ Maralyn Riedel, IT Coordinator, SCOE 

As Technical Director for a school district in Sonoma County my job depends upon reliable resources for technical expertise. MacAdvantage is my Mecca when it comes to MAC support. Outstanding in every aspect; prompt, incredibly polite service, lightning speed turn-around and exceptional pricing. (Schools, budget cuts, get it?) Of the dozens of Macs that I have serviced through MacAdvantage I have yet to take one back for redo. I could not come close to saying the same thing about Dell or Apple Store or HP or Symantec or ... shall I go on? ~ Cathy Bostedt, Technical Coordinator, Twin Hills United School District

Thank you for your assistance with out new Pro Tools Recording & Editing Studio. Our first classes begin on Feb. 20th and it wouldn’t have happened without your help. Your knowledge of Mac Products and your overall professionalism is second to none. Mac Advantage supplied the technical expertise that allowed us to use these computers with the Pro Tools equipment. ~ Jeff Green, Comstock Middle School

Thank you so much for your generous support of the 6th Street Playhouse! It is very much appreciated. ~ Pat Fitzgerald, Costumes, 6th Street Playhouse

The turn around time from my initial inquiry to the delivery of my new operating system was less than 48 hours.  Convenient location, easy to park, much less stressful than braving the mall (Santa Rosa Plaza) ~ Roxanne Oliva, Accordion Musician

I deeply appreciated the extra mile Tam and his colleagues went for me. They are extremely knowledgeable, yet also helped research issues for me not specifically in their stated purview. I was astonished at their incredible patience, persistence, and calm while problem solving, as I find this all too seldom in the service sector these days. ~ Kathie Schmid, Rabble-Fish Theater, Actor, Writer, Director

What a great biz!  No complaints, no problems, just speedy and reliable service, two times now!  I trust you guys for all my future Mac needs! ~ Jack Conte, Musician

You've made it a VERY nice day! One stop shopping. Bless your heart! I'm thrilled with your good work Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! ~ Gregg & Shelley Holland, Animal Trainer for film and photo, Animal Arts

Thank you Tam for the extra time and effort you put in to sort out the CD writer problem. I look forward to a long association. ~ Warren Dennis Kahn & Herman Oberegon, Banquet Studios, Sebastopol CA

I love the service and the turnaround time. All persons in the company were professional and pleasant to work with. Two thumbs up for these guys. ~ Kerry Garloff, Music Services/Drummer

Thank you for many years of excellent help and service! You've been a huge help to me! ~ Carla Normand, Royal Society Jazz Orchestra

It made the process easier because Brandon understood how important keeping the time without my MacBook was for me. He ordered the parts right away and made the repairs as soon as they came in.  Keep up the great work! ~ Steve Gordon, Sequoia Records, Sebastopol CA

Thanks for taking all the information. You’re very professional! I appreciate it. ~ Andrew Mastroni & Mark Rennick, Prairie Sun Recording, Cotati CA

I’m completely satisfied. Thanks for the help. ~ George Hoffschildt, Musician, Big Band

You did some great work on my system last year. ~ Armand Baltazar, Animator, Pixar

The experience is always great. I love Tam. He and the team do a great job. I would send anyone with a mac to you. I would tell anyone they should get a Mac so that they can work with MacAdvantage! The experience is always great. ~ Randall Frederick, Filmmaker, Moving Images Production Company

My experience with MacAdvantage was excellent and I would compare it favorably to the best instances of technical support I have experienced with other companies (automotive, etc); particularly in those instances where minimizing my costs was valued over maximizing the service company's profits, even though my ignorance of the technology left me vulnerable. I highly value this kind of professional honesty and will confidently recommend and use MacAdvantage for Mac repair and service ~ Matthew Wright, Prairie Sun Recording Studios

If you have an Apple and live anywhere NEAR Santa Rosa, CA - these guys TOTALLY ROCK! Just sayin . . . ~ Melissa Phillippe, Presence Productions

You guys are awesome. ~ Marc Urbaitel, Ticketing

Having my mac first thing tomorrow morning is going to make a huge difference. I don’t take it lightly & won’t forget it. ~ Anthony Anzaldo, Good Guy Entertainment

Hey - just wanted to drop you guys a quick note. Recently I brought my mac in to get some knowledge - Tam answered a lot of my questions and bumped up the memory - My computer has been working 100% better since…Thank you, thank you , thank you. ~ Sara Barnthouse, Owner/Rep, DeVine Reps Entertainment

You've helped me incredibly, each time I come in with an overloaded hard drive of photos! ~ Kellie Delario, Photographer

Thank you!!! ~ John O’Hara, Photographer

I’ll write a commendation on your website! When I started having problems after the service in April, I was thinking, can’t you find quality service anywhere? But, Tam confirmed his suspicion that it was a faulty hard drive - and replaced it under warranty.  Now I’m a happy customer! ~ Leland Dennick, Videographer

I experienced the service as outstanding. I can't think of anything you could improve. Thank You for providing such excellent service. ~ Karin Lease, Artist & Amateur Photographer

Everyone I talked with was extremely polite. The Tech was excellent, the job had hidden pitfalls and they were resolved. The "Turn Around" time on the repair was extremely fast, even with the delay mentioned! The quality of the repair is excellent! ~ Alan Kearney, Photographer

To be perfectly honest, I can't think of any possible way you guys could improve your service. MacAdvantage is—by a considerable measure—the very best computer service company I have ever dealt with. And having purchased my first computer in 1983, I've visited many, many computer shops. Thank you again for such wonderful service. My new hard disk works great and it has all of the data from the old disk intact. Absolutely thrilled that Tam could recover the data. ~ Bonnie Downs, Photography/Videographer

Mac Advantage is a great local resource. To be able to get my data transferred quickly when my old laptop failed and I was scheduled to go on a trip in less than 48 hours was great. As always, Tam is a thoughtful and helpful person to work with, and the work was/is done reliably. We'll keep coming back and referring friends. ~ David Stevens, Photographer

Tam, You are a super teacher! All files transferred and time machine ticking away. I'll call you next week about the mask project, Thanks Again for the great computer training! ~ Charlie Niles, Photographer & Avid Cyclist

Service was great! Thanks again for your time and consideration.                         ~ Greg Buettner, Aviation Marketing, Altitude Zero

I moved to Petaluma with my family and found Tam online when my Mac desktop experienced a problem. We have since moved and hour away to San Anselmo and I still would not call anyone else other than Tam if a problem comes up with any of my Apple products. He's polite, extremely knowledgeable, and tolerates moronic questions from a non-tech savvy person such as myself.  Many thanks to The MacAdvantage for righting my ship.  They run a really great business over there. ~ John Richard, John J Richard Consulting

Only place I go for Mac upgrades, fixes and support is the MacAdvantage! ~ Richard Bugarske, Bundle Enterprises

I really appreciated their service. Thank you!! ~ Betty Ottoman, RN Consulting

Honesty + extremely helpful + super knowledgeable = Mac Advantage! We’ve found our "go to" Mac experts finally.  The best customer service persons on the planet! ~ May & Lewis Wong, Current FX, Pool, Spa, & Electrical

Thank you. You’re an angel. ~ Cheri Buonaguidi, Management Consulting

Thanks again for your help with our machines. Everyone was very helpful and warm. Great work! ~ Jennifer Roldan, True Liberty Bag

You all stand out - Brandon, Tam, Rachel, Marissa and everyone else. I am always happy with your services and prices. Each of you has made an extra effort for me and helped me to solve problems - I wouldn't be the computer user I am today without your collective help, Thank you. ~ Tim Boyle, Management Consulting

Your service is excellent.You do what you say you will do. You have always been most considerate and attentive to our needs. I find Tam and his associates at Mac Advantage to be patient. extremely competent, and, as an added bonus, enjoyable to be around. You are at the top of the list. ~ Bill Davis, Stock & Options Trader

I really appreciate Tam & the work he’s done for me! ~ Harvey Bell, Harvey Bell Recruiting

Everyone at MacAdvantage was helpful, efficient and friendly. You have a really great team. Tam impressed me by being so intuitively understanding about what I needed. He made suggestions about alternate equipment to keep the service affordable for me and was willing to answer all my questions, patiently helping me understand what I needed to know to make informed decisions about my poor freaked-out iMac. I appreciate that! ~ Roberta Boune, Staff Services Analyst, State Fund

It was an absolute pleasure working with you guys from start to finish. Everyone was very professional, knowledgeable and most importantly kind and courteous. I would recommend your services to anyone I know! ~ Kevin Taylor, Marketing Coordinator, Camelbak

I called with a connectivity problem on my Mac G5 at home and you gave me a tip to erase all the network preferences and name a new one. I had balked at trying that previously, always get nervous about erasing Auto Select.  Worked perfectly, up and running in minutes. Thanks for your help! ~ Michael Herndon, Site Supervisor, IKON Office Solutions, Inc., A Ricoh Company

You’re Brilliant! Apple tech support said it couldn’t be done. After having talked to many experts - at Apple, Filemaker & Palm without having my issue resolved, I spoke with Tam at MacAdvantage, who had a brilliant suggestion. And it worked! I'm blown away - I'm so excited. Problem solved just hours before heading for the airport. ~ Joy Lovinger, Joy of Printing

From origination to completion the entire experience was 100% positive - Just like always! ~ Dennis Samuelson, Interel Inc.

I know I can trust you 100%. There are mac repair techs much closer - but it’s worth driving 3 times as far to know my ‘baby’ will be taken care of right. ~ Patricia London, Creative Coaching Services

Macs are amazing. The MacAdvantage is the best advantage of being a Mac user. I really appreciate your advice and your accommodating service. Your professionalism and customer service is the best. You are quick to respond and pricing is affordable. I am so glad I found you and will continue to use no other for my mac needs. ~ Veronica Velez, Kiss-A-Prints

I think I've already "Yelped" you guys a few times and I've been singing your praises to all of my friends. Now I'm happy to tell you directly what I think about the human component at the MacAdvantage. Hands down you are the most polite, friendly, helpful and competent computer service people that I have ever met in my life.  I've been using a computer of some sort for over 32 years in Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London and now Sonoma, and I can say this without reservation might very well be the nicest computer repair place in the whole world. Your parents must be very proud of you all. I know I am.  Ladies and gentlemen; an old fashioned expression still alive in Rohnert Park. ~ Susan Knight, Wholesale Packaging LLC

"I was very impressed with the service and knowledge I experienced at The MacAdvantage.  Not only did they fix my computer but they taught me some very useful capabilities my computer has that I had never used before. I live and work in San Francisco, an hour’s drive from MacAdvantage,  but I refuse to take my computer anywhere else" ~ Eric Jackson, Tax Accountant, San Francisco

These people are top-of-the line in terms of customer service and the quality of their work. Wouldn't think of going anywhere else. ~ Don Lipmanson, Law Office of Donald Lipmanson

When my mac needs service, I’m coming here & nowhere else. I respect you & appreciate what you know how to do. This is so much fun coming down here. It’s a long drive from home, but worth it! Bless you. ~ Paul Class, Manager, Streetcar Investment Group

As always you all are wonderful, helpful and quick! Nothing to improve on in my experience! Thanks much! ~ Suni Levi, Sonoma County DA Office

I've dealt with a lot of computer service folks over the years but none were nearly as good as Tam and Brandon. They were extremely helpful expert and practical.  I've never experienced this level of immediate and friendly assistance and cost-effectiveness from other technicians.  It was essential to get fast action to remedy the situation and The MacAdvantage came through with flying colors. ~ Attorney Bruce L. Ishimatsu, Bird, Marella, Boxer, Wolpert, Nessim, Drooks & Lincenberg

Thank you Laurelai! I’ve only worked with Tam when I’ve come in, and I always appreciate his easygoing and highly competent style. Losing access to a hard drive is scary, and talking with Tam in those moments dramatically lessens my stress, and I greatly value his ease, and your very reasonable prices! ~ Christopher Peck, Investment Advisor, Holistic Solutions

Again, and as always, very very pleased with the service. Tam recovered all data from a crashed hard drive, and at a reasonable cost, (as in half of other estimates) and in a remarkably short period of time. In case you ever lose the name "MacAdvantage" perhaps you can pick up "MacMiracleWorker." I am happy and relieved that I have you folks as my IT department. ~ Brian Connolly, Connolly Advisors, Investment Management

I have confidence in you & trust what you recommend. ~ Frank Briceno, Attorney

Most satisfied. You folks rock!  Very pleasant experience. ~ Guy Heckenlively, Financial Services, Heckenlively Enterprises

GREAT!  I am so happy to be able to turn to people who know Mac - and computers in general. I'll be back. ~ Jackie Wilde, Assistant Dog Trainer, Citizen Canine

Fast service and I appreciate it. ~ Erich Williams, DVM, Wikiup Veterinary Hospital

This has been a really great experience. I’ve been telling everyone about you. I appreciated Tam calling with an update about when the macbook would arrive - it was an extra unexpected service. All three of you I’ve dealt with have been great. ~ Michael Alliger, Oriental Tree Pruner

I enjoyed my experience with you, it was very personal, friendly and courteous. I trust you. I will recommend you to others. Many thanks. ~ Jim Glomb, Consulting Geologist

Thanks for this and for all your great work! ~ Lisa Baiter, Ocean Song

The customer service is people-oriented, warm, and efficient, Tam and Laurelai are so generous and wonderful. I will definitely recommend you to everyone I meet who needs tech support on their mac. ~ Erin Axelrod, Program Director, Daily Acts

Once again your service and responsiveness were above expectations. Thank you. ~ Kathleen Murphy, Psychotherapist

The Mac Advantage is like entering the inner sanctum of Apple customer service. When you enter the office leave your shoes and computing problems at the door. Nothing else in the world matters except solutions and your Mac Computer. ~ John Alchemy, M.D.

Thank you! I appreciate you doing the repair so quickly. Thank you so much! ~ Alicia Nourse, MFT

Thanks for doing such an awesome job! I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate it! ~ Hasso Wittboldt-Mueller, Clincal Nutritionist & Kinesiologist 

We have always had excellent service from you. Thank you so much for your prompt response to my request. Tam is over the top with courteous service. Actually, everyone at MacAdvantage is great! I very much appreciate the kindness and help I receive each time I bring a job to you. AWESOME!!!! ~ Dr. Brien & Mrs. Anne Seeley, Ophthalmology

The experience, short and sweet, couldn't have been better.  I appreciate the service and honesty and will be back. ~ David Lawrence, Physician

Thanks again for the prompt service! :)  Everyone is always great here, in my experience.  ~ Julie Samay, Perfusionist

I have been bringing my computer to Tam for several years. I have never received anything less than impeccable, friendly service. ~ Marcy Baskin, Patient Navigator

I’m so thrilled with what Tam did, I could cry. I’m so grateful. He has such calm assured energy. The whole place has such a feeling of kindness. ~ Dianna Couloumbe, Healthy Solutions

Everyone was very helpful and I am very satisfied with the service. ~ Ann Ecklund,

MacAdvantage is the best find ever! Brandon and Tam are the only experts I trust with my many Apple products. Their expertise is tops, not to mention their efficiency and kindness as human beings. I send everyone I love to this business since I know they'll be taken care of beautifully. The entire staff has the rare combination of professionalism, extreme talent and true caring for their clients. By phone, Tam guided me through the process of adjusting my external hard drive.  He is so patient, and so thorough.  It's one thing to be able to do a process oneself, but it's a completely different skill to be able to teach another person to do it.  Tam can do both, and that's impressive. ~ Shoshana Bennett, Medical

I love the MacAdvantage, Laurelai & Tam are wonderful people who respond sincerely & quickly when their help is needed. Tam has been fixing our problems for 8 or 9 years now. (Yikes is this correct?) He has watched our kids grow up and us become more competent. He is gracious and kind . . . I cannot praise them enough. I don’t look forward to problems with my computer, but I am always so happy to talk to them and it always gets fixed. Thank you. ~ Susan Shaw & Tom Crane, M. D., Medical Physician

Tam, as well as others in the office, is very patient. ~ Dr. Tom Miles MD and Margot Miles, RN Emergency Room

Thanks, that was a BIG help! ~ Jim Shere, MFC, MA, Clinical Psychology

Thanks to Tam for a professional & enjoyable service. ~ William Emerson, PH.D., Emerson Training Seminars, Pre & Perinatal Psychology

You are the best! Fast expert computer support, no problem. ~Dr. Bill Prange, Acupuncturist, LAC

Brandon was so wonderful in explaining things. Using & networking a PC & Mac was overwhelming. Brandon said it was ‘no big deal’ and he made it so easy - he made it ‘no big deal!’ ~ Jane Gresham, Integrated Awareness

Tam Nguyen was polite, professional, and most of all helpful. Tam gave advice without the expectation of immediate compensation, which is what brought me back. I liked that Tam's didn't just fix what I came in for.  He also gave me information that made the process more comprehensible to me.  Furthermore, and this was HUGE, he cleaned the keyboard and screen of my computer!!!  I cannot imagine that happening elsewhere! ~ Dr. John Omaha Ph.D., John Omaha Enterprises

Really appreciate the fast service. ~ Michael Carpenter, UNI Sea Urchin Diver

The service at MacAdvantage was personal and exceptional. AAA+ rating. Exceptional service award: Brandon. He spent an extra 1.5 to 2 hrs. with me on a couple tough changes, including moving my old, but important bookmarks to the Mac and also quickly answering a couple questions on the iPhone data transfers. And he was relaxed while working fast making these last minute fixes. Computer maintenance quality elsewhere is all over the board, from terrible to OK. It's rare in my experience here and in Marin to find folks who take time to patiently explain things to their customers, who are frequently ignorant about it all and in my case under a lot of unrelated pressure, therefore slow to comprehend information. You folks were exceptional in this area, taking time, I observed, to carefully talk to your customers. The real key is fixing the problem(s) and patiently working with your customers. MacAdvantage seemed to do both very well. Would definitely recommend you to others. ~ Peter Howley, Howley Management Group

Professional pleasant help is always appreciated. It often sets one above the competition. I make a living helping customers with technical issues and know the difference it makes when people are happy and knowledgeable. I will recommend you for MAC help. ~ Hank Hilsmann, Field Technical Representative, Dassault Falcon Jets. 

Thank you, I’ve really enjoyed this experience! ~ Alicia Rouverol, Writer, Narrative Magazine

You’re a genius, you’re a true artist! ~ Peter Schifrin, Writer

I love doing business with Mac Advantage! Tam and company are the best. He diagnosed my broken fan on the spot and ordered the part right away. When I brought in my computer for the repair, I was told to pick it up the next day. Lo and behold, it was ready the same day--wow! You guys rock. ~ Mayra Glass, Freelance Writer

Thanks Brandon. It is so great when I can call; someone actually answers the phone, and gives me help right when I need it! You guys are great! ~ Sharon Brooks, Freelance Writer/Designer

I originally took my G5 to Mark Wiley who realized it was probably a hardware problem and then brought it to you as I was traveling overseas. On my return, your tech responded (sorry I didn't get his name written down) quickly with a detailed explanation. He stated that in his opinion, the G5 was not worth repairing. I then discussed alternatives with both Mark and a long-term Mac consultant and friend in SoCA. They all said the same thing. I was amazed that you did the evaluation, discovered the solution, and recommended against repairing it. Hurrah for honest techs! Much appreciate it. You also kindly took care of recycling it for me! Thank you and great job. I will be sure to send any of my Mac friends who have a hardware problem to you! ~ Lee Stein, Stein Writes

I thought you all as usual were very helpful and friendly—you really take time to talk with me and explain things. I think you've been helping me out with Macs for at least ten years. ~ Patti Trimble, Writer

I cannot recommend a company more highly than I recommend Mac Advantage.  I've used them for a number of years, from fairly technical problems to the laughably simple. (I'm pretty ignorant about computers.) In every case they solved my problem, and did so kindly, efficiently, and leaving me feeling enriched by my encounter with them.  Good people doing good work. ~ Gus diZerega, Writer

Thanks again for saving my music! ~ Peter Stein, Writer, Stein Creative

Tam, There are no words to thank you for whom and what you are, but the world is a better place because you are in it. Tam is the only one I really trust with my Mac. ~ Char Huxtable, Writer and Musician

Thank you for your continued support of the North Bay's writing community. ~ Robert Koslowsky, Publicity Director, Redwood Writers 

Everything was great, as it always is with MacAdvantage. As my friend JJ Wilson says, "Tam walks on water." I have to agree with her. He is calm and calming, knowledgeable and warm. As a longtime customer of the late Chip Dunbar, I didn't know where to turn until someone recommended Tam. I still miss Chip, of course (he was a friend as well as my Mac god), but I no longer panic when something goes wrong with my computer. I even love the quirky location, in a part of the county I did not know existed. A lot of my work life involves discovering and writing about local businesses and educating people about the myriad benefits of choosing them over chain stores and such. MacAdvantage is a perfect example. Life is short; why not do business with real people who are kind and smart and grow beautiful amaryllis? I guess this isn't exactly constructive, is it? But I can't think of anything you should change. ~ Michelle Jordan, Writer

I was very pleased with the service, price and turn-around time in repairing my Mac.  Thanks very much! I look forward to working with you in the future. ~ Steve Yeager, Steven Yeager Studio

From the first phone call until the pick up and pay, I felt confident and assured that they knew what they were doing. Communication is all and I felt that it is something that they care about beyond just doing a good job on the machines. I understood that the work I required might take a few days. The same afternoon I received a call saying the work was complete. Amazing. Again, it all boils down to communication. With good news or bad. There was an air of confidence and assurance, which pervaded the whole process. It boils down to quality work and good communication. ~ John Moran, Arts Council of Sonoma

My thanks to MacAdvantage for bailing me out once again.  As usual your service was just great.  Tam is absolutely the best--soooo very patient with a total non-tech person like me who gets totally lost when my IMac won't "co-operate".  I always know that I can come to you for help MacAdvantage the only one I would go to. Always dependable and helpful to a couple of OLD tech nerds. Thank you, so much. ~ Bob Sorani, Art Trails

My online session w/ Tam was great. It met all of my needs in an incredibly timely manner! Much appreciated. ~ Madelyn Crafts, Studio 104

My sincere thanks for all your assistance and advice.  All were Greatly helpful, and service provided calmly, with big smiles and in a calm environment.  Everyone was sweet!  Thank you and I have already recommended you to others. ~ Ren Brown, The Ren Brown Collection

You guys are perfect.  What would I do without you guys, and TAM the man!Many thanks and much relief. ~ Gaylen Wiking, Artist

Every time I come in, I gush over how much I love your company's service and skill. Tam and Brandon are amazing on several levels. I might just show up there with a suitcase... ~ Kim Bailey, Artist; Inventor, Santa Rosa, CA

I love the service at MacAdvantage. ~ Liana Harris, Artist

Tam, I'm back up and running again here, just wanted to say Thank You, for your helpful tip that solved the problem. ~ Lois Stopple, Artist, LoLo The Unstoppable

My experience with MacAdvantage was wonderful! Tam is very approachable and explained things so I could understand. And Brandon was very friendly in his phone call and let me know the outcome of the tests he performed on my computer. I was grateful that the problem was relatively minor and no one tried to sell me something I did not need. Since this is my first experience with technical support there is nothing to compare but there is no need for me to go anywhere else. And I am so impressed with your follow up email and that you value my input - very rare in the world today. Fabulous as always! So far I have not needed to go to another company for Mac Support. ~ Katherine Greene, Artist

I can’t figure this out, but as soon as I talk with Tam, he’ll do his Tam power thing & have things sorted out in no time. ~ Jae Wagoner, Artist Painter/Photographer

It was Brandon who assisted me this time, setting up and explaining my new MacBook Pro. An excellent teacher, patiently, humorously demonstrating the basics of making things works. Thanks a million. ~ Rachael Flannery, Astrologer

Thanks for the wonderful service- Tam's great! ~ Kathy Miller, Michael Miller Fabrics

Thank all of you for your time and generosity to me. Tam took a long time with me over the phone patiently explaining some of my options. Brandon and Kevin were wonderful and never made me feel like the problem was trivial. Great customer service. Incomparable knowledge. Thank you all so much. I will definitely call back when I need service again, and I will recommend you to my friends and colleagues. ~ Cyndi Colzani, Graphic Designer

I wish that every Mac owner had a Tam (and Brandon) in their lives. Fortunately, I have had for many years and I'm grateful. ~ Janet Lowy, Graphic Artist

I've always been pleased with my experience at MacAdvantage. I appreciate the friendly and prompt service of the staff and quick turn around time for repairs. I feel that Tam is very reasonable with his charges and makes an honest effort to provide solutions that work for my needs rather than just making a sale. It's nice to have a local shop I can trust with my mac. Keep up the good work! ~ Jason Ellis, Web Designer, Ellis Creation

Tam has been so great - I’ve worked with him for a long time - since when I was at Pomegranate. Brandon was so helpful the other day in regards to upgrading vs. replacing too. I was speaking with Dan Johnston at AJ Printing in Santa Rosa about buying a new mac and he said: You know who’s great? MacAdvantage in RP. ~ Terry McDonough, Graphic Designer, Cotati CA

Enclosed is a token of my appreciation for your telephone diagnosis of the MB Pro Video problem. Actually, it is not a token, it is payment for your time. I believe no matter how you dispense it, you should be paid for your time. ~ Joseph Casco, Yacht Design, Custom Construction, Chartering; Sierra marine, S.A. 

You guys are FANTASTIC! Nothing was wrong with my daughter’s computer, but I really found Tam's help excellent and he was wonderful to work with. With customer service like that, you can be sure that MacAdvantage will be my first call for all our computer needs. ~ Don Pasewark, Pasewark Creative, Art Direction, Design, Creative Management

My wife, Diana was very impressed. She said everything went smoothly and that Tam was very patient explaining what he did and he made recommendations for the operation of our electronics. Can't think of any improvements to suggest. Thanks for the great service! ~ Steve Jameson, REALTOR® SFR, CDPE

Tam, I don’t think I ever thanked you, but I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you sending me that link to get the working version of Toast on my computer... it works!!! I so appreciate your help! It works like a dream now, and forever grateful! You’re the best!! ~ Gabrielle Rosi, Senior Design Coordinator, Whole Foods Market

always love working with Mac Advantage because I feel totally taken care of, everyone is knowledgeable, nice and professional.  I think MacAdvantage has some of the best service I have ever received anywhere. ~ Connie Buckner, Interior Designer, Connie Buckner Interiors

I don't usually give much feedback, but I must say you guys are great! Everyone I have talked to is extremely professional and helpful, even to those of us who are challenged by technology.  The turnaround time is very prompt, which is appreciated since I don't have another computer to rely on. Keep up the good work, and hope NOT to see you to soon :)  ~ Debbie Goan, Floral Designer, Sonoma Mountain Flowers

Karen told us MacAdvantage is hands down THE Mac Support Place in the North Bay. ~Shawn, Designer, Michael Miller Fabric Design

I can't say enough how much I was satisfied with your service--fast, helpful, friendly and informative! Thank to all of you, especially Tam. It's good to know that you are so close, and that if I need computer help in the future, I know where to turn. I'll be sure to recommend your company to my friends. Thank you again and good luck! ~ Mila Porter, Antique Appraiser

I always trust that you have my best interest at heart and that you will do everything to help get my system working again. I so appreciate the character of your business and your calm timely attention when something dramatic has happened to my drive! More and more the computer and internet does everything in my world from finding phone/map listings to complicated necessary communications and so to be without it is a major disruption. I always understand what problems you are addressing and appreciate the way it is communicated to me in human terms - not tech speak. So thanks. Nothing I would change. ~ Corey Hitchcock, Architectural Colorist, Live With Color

MacAdvantage always provides superior service in a timely fashion. Everyone at MacAdvantage is courteous and explains the software and hardware issues in terms that I understand. I am so grateful to everyone at your business. ~ Heather Hendrickson, Florist Floral Designs By Heather

As usual it was a pleasure doing business with Tam and his team. Efficiency, courtesy and respect are their specialty. Thanks, Rachel for carrying my stuff in. ~ Frank & Mary Lou Schomer

You are the best at what you do. Importantly, you make me feel calm when my machine gives me trouble. It can be very stressful but you always make me feel like it’s going to be OK. That is HUGE for me. ~ Jane & Terry Murphy Jane Murphy Designs

Tam, you are the most wonderful person to me in the world! ~ Marty Zwick, Zwick Architects

Everyone is so personable. ~ Michael Olexo, Hola Olexo Architechture & Landscape

I always appreciate your calm and steady focus in getting us "ironed out" in the computer world. Thanks for your time with the server setup. Much appreciated. ~ Bruce Hammond, CEO/LEED AP Hammond + Company/ Hammond Fine Homes Sustainable Development & Construction Services

We appreciate Tam very much. ~ Bonnie Stritzel, Construction, Taylor Mountain, Inc.

Everything’s working great! ~ Carl Bower, Industrial Coatings & Sales; Musician

Your MacAdvantage turnaround time was exceptional and in general the service experience was really good - tops! I'll have suffer another computer calamity before I can suggest improvements, if then. ~ Richard A Keding, Architect

Thanks so much for taking the time to really hear & understand the details of what I wanted. Great training in the one on one tutorial. I really appreciate your energy! ~ Cynthia McReynolds, Marriage & Family Therapist

You guys are wonderful!!  You guys are awesome!!!!!!!!! Thanks a million! ~ Ty & Dione Affleck, Santa Rosa Sports Medicine

You’ve done mighty fine work! Is that all you’re charging? Are you having to take in laundry too? ~ Mary Ellen Baker, Nurse, Retired, Sebastopol CA

Tam was really wonderful in the tutorial. I haven’t had this sort of computer support before! ~ Laura Drewes, Therapist/Bodyworker, Santa Rosa CA

As always, my experience with everyone at the MacAdvantage was a good one, and I highly value such a good resource . . . LOCALLY! We're fortunate to have Tam and Laurelai and the entire staff in our Sonoma county neighborhood. Support the Locals! ~ Mark Wiley, Mac Tech

As Technical Director for a school district in Sonoma County my job depends upon reliable resources for technical expertise. MacAdvantage is my Mecca when it comes to MAC support. Outstanding in every aspect; prompt, incredibly polite service, lightning speed turn-around and exceptional pricing. (Schools, budget cuts, get it?) Of the dozens of Macs that I have serviced through MacAdvantage I have yet to take one back for redo. I could not come close to saying the same thing about Dell or Apple Store or HP or Symantic or ... shall I go on? ~ Cathy Bostedt, Technical Director, Apple Blossom School

Your kindness is very much appreciated. ~ Johann Vetter, Apple Dealer/Computer, JV Sales

Thanks to your crew I have a working computer. Thank you! Fast and courteous. I appreciate that. ~ Jeff Mazzeo, Park Ranger-Doran Beach

You’re awesome! ~ Steve Davidson, Firefighter, Penngrove CA

I had three other techs try to recover my data and I had given up hope.  A friend told me about MacAdvantage in Rohnert Park and in one day they recovered all my data. They are kind and competent a great combination! ~ Michelle Criste, Coast Guard, Chief Warrant Officer

Every time I have had contact with you guys it has always been excellent (bought my first Mac through you - used - last spring.  Will never return to a pc again!).  You guys have an awesome company/service and I have referred several people to you - hopefully, for their sake, they followed through and came to see you.  I also am waiting for Tam to find me another used computer, which we will purchase for my brother.  You guys are awesome! ~ Sher Boatman, Campana Ranch Training

You guys rock!  Not that I love it when my Mac crashes, but honestly, the service at MacAdvantage makes a crisis super smooth! ~ Devin Gilbert, Volagi Cycles

I've always had great service, every time I visit. That's why I keep referring friends. Don't change anything!  :) ~ Daya Ceglia FrogSong Cohousing Community

I really appreciate you for so many reasons:  your calm and extremely helpful way, the way you make yourself available to fix the emergencies (as I am sure all computer users problems are immediate) you embrace that and make me feel well taken care of. It is SUCH a comforting thought that you are out there- for many reasons as well. I have the comfort of knowing a caring and intelligent individual is there to fix my computer shall it need it. Also, that there is a local, small family business that I can support by choosing to take my computer to you. Supporting my community in this was is very important to me- this is what money should be used for. To directly support each other. Thank you for being so good at what you do and for being kind and caring too. ~ Stephanie Lennox Environmental Studies, Sonoma State University

The service I received was very prompt; it was done in an hour, which is unusual for today! I appreciated it very much. I like that you're a small business and can work one on one with someone.  I am not very good with computers and don't know the lingo and your staff does not make me feel like an idiot compared to other Apple Stores I've been to where there were a bunch of young people who either didn't have time to explain or didn't want to.  I have used your service in the past & will use your service in the future. ~ Katja Svendsen, Naturalist, Sonoma County Regional Parks

I thought your phone and face-to-face service was positive. ~ Morris Turner, Home Repair, Problem Solvers

I brought my MacBook Pro here to have the monitor replaced based on a friends recommendation. I must say these guys are the best. They called me 3 times with updates and my computer was done a few days earlier then expected. Tam and his team are true professionals and understand what customer service is all about!!!!  Thank you and keep up the great work!!! ~ Ron Coury, North Bay Nissan

I have not even called another mac repair place since the first time is used the MacAdvantage. As to the service please refer to above statement everything has been great I also have bought a few mac from you also. The time it takes from you rec a mac that needs repair to the time its ready has been awesome. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK. Thanks for the great service Tam Nguyen and your team you all always ROCK ~ Jeff Wandel, Big O Tires

Thank goodness I called for help! I was extremely happy that Tam could help me through the remote support system MacAdvantage offers. This was a life line for me, as the other tech support I have used in the past does not offer this type of support.  In the past I had to physically take my Mac into the tech shop, wait for a tech to look at it and then usually have to make a second trip  back to pick it up.  The loss in work time plus the time to and from drop off to pick up was inconvenient.  Phil also was a big help in checking my external hard drive.  I am extremely happy with the customer service provided and in the future will always call MacAdvantage for tech help! Thanks for all you do to provide excellent support and service. ~ Jill Craig, Hausenware

I am very happy to recommend MacAdvantage. From the first phone call until the last bit of advice that was offered as I picked up my computer, the staff there was attentive and helpful. The hard drive on our iMac had died, and my wife and I feared that thousands of irreplaceable family photos (and hundreds of hours of music) were lost with it. Tam and his team did an incredible job, resurrecting EVERYTHING that we were hoping to save. I will absolutely use MacAdvantage for any other Mac issue in the future -- they are top notch! ~ David Bergum, California Footwear Company

I was pleased with the service, the vibes, the helpfulness. It's a relief to have a reliable resource for Mac questions and repairs and I will use your services in the future and recommend you to others. ~ Andrea Shlien, Petaluma CA

I will admit I was hesitant about getting my Mac repaired.  Then I met MacAdvantage.  You did a great job!  It runs faster, smoother and your customer service is not to be challenged.  You are the best! ~ Richard Miller, Santa Rosa CA

I felt the service was fast and courteous, and supportive, and the problem was solved quickly. ~ Nancy Bauer, Sebastopol CA

Outstanding. Honest. Thanks Mac Advantage. ~ Joelle Budinsky, Cotati CA

They are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. ~ Trevor Vigoren, El Verano CA

Words cannot describe The Mac Advantage, but I'll try: Impeccable customer service. Pleasant interactions. Budget-scaled alternatives. Blazing fast turnaround. Tam, you're a wealth of knowledge -and way too humble. Seldom do you find integrity in business of this caliber. Apple Store, follow the teachings of The Mac Advantage. ~ Mike Hollibaugh, Petaluma CA

I first heard about the Mac Advantage on Tommy Smother's wife's radio show: The Marcy Smothers Show. Marcy LOVES her Apple computer (almost as much as she loves great food!) and when it crashed she had her assistant take it in to the Mac Advantage. Marcy was so thrilled with the service that she pretty much dedicated an entire show to singing praises for the tech there & the integrity he demonstrated.  A half dozen customers of the Mac Advantage called in during the show raving about the shop - including a graphic designer I know well who worked at Whole Foods Market at the time. My Mac is my baby. As a designer, it's a crucial part of my work - and I'm nearly always 'under the gun' to meet one client's or another's deadline. So, despite the glowing reviews on Marcy's show & online, I somewhat reluctantly called the M.A. when my regular mac guy couldn't seem to get to the root of a recurring problem I'd been plagued with for months. By the time I called the Mac Advantage, the problem had become so bad, it was really impacting my ability to work. During our phone conversation, Tam immediately put me at ease. He has worked with many designers, and has a design background himself.  He had an initial diagnosis of the problem within minutes of my describing it on the phone - and he quickly confirmed it when I brought my mac in for the free diagnosis. Within a few hours, he'd resolved the issue completely. This sort of knowledge & efficiency is invaluable to the increasing number of us who rely on our macs for our livelihood. I can't recommend them highly enough. ~ Geraldine Rose, Boonville CA

Amazing! Laurelai, Tam, and the entire staff at the Mac Advantage are fabulous! I've have always received knowledgeable, professional, reliable, honest, friendly service at the Mac Advantage; definitely the place to go for all your computer needs. ~ Carole Barton, Escondido CA

Thank you for your sincere help, we will contact you again in the future. ~ Lisa Walters, Sebastopol CA

Laurelai was very kind on the phone. ~ Kate Pelly, Petaluma CA

I really appreciate this Tam - I’m always impressed by your technical know how - and I’ve been a mac user since the ‘Lisa’ ~ Paul Judge, Sebastopol CA

Outstanding and clearly went out of your way to help me get this done on my ridiculous timeframe.  All the parts were in stock, turnaround was same day,Tam is one of the coolest guys around and knows his stuff!!  Also what was appreciated by me, and I am a harsh customer service critic, was that there was no up-sell. Tam took the time to understand what I wanted and did not recommend the most expensive, and instead recommended the best fit for my needs. FIVE STARS. I have two companies that I use as exemplary customers services examples with my teams at work . . . I now have a third to add to that list. Superb! I honestly cannot think of a thing that you could have done any better. ~ Treg Tyler, Director of Marketing, LowePro Worldwide



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